Are You Denying Jesus?

The gospels tell us the story of Peter denying Jesus three times in one evening. After Jesus told him prophetically that this was going to happen, Peter could not accept this because of his love for his Lord. Yet, it happened. Peter was sorrowful but he could not take back what he had done. He had made a big mistake and had hurt someone he loved very much.

There are many ways to deny Jesus Christ and it doesn’t matter how much you love Him,our flesh can get the better of us and we, too, can wind up hurting our Lord and Savor. Christians living an ungodly lifestyle are denying the Lord. Disobeying God and His commandments is also a form of denying Jesus. Not loving our neighbor as we love ourselves is denying the one who gave His life for all of mankind.

God looks at our heart. God looks at the reasons why we do the things we do, and if we really search our hearts, we probably will find some area of our life that is not totally surrendered to God. Don’t allow Satan a place in your life so that he can cause you to deny someone you love very much. Peter regretted his actions, but we can avoid this type of pain by letting the world see the light within us. Don’t be ashamed to stand up for what is right, even if you are the only one standing. Be willing to pick up your cross and follow Jesus. We are in this world but not of this world. We are spiritual beings having this natural experience. Hold steady and remember that your actions speak louder than your words.