How To Handle Disappointments

Disappointment is an emotion that we experience after having high expectations that something would work out a certain way, but unfortunately things didn’t turn out as expected. Unfilled promises and expectations are difficult to deal with for all of us because disappointment carries with it negative thoughts. In fact, you might even catch yourself saying:

  • I’m just not good enough
  • Nothing ever works out
  • This always happens to me
  • When it rains it pours

However, this is never helpful and these thoughts will keep you from seeing disappointment for what it really is. Disappointments should help you to take a good look at your expectations and find another course of action that will result in the successful attainment of your goals. Disappointment is also an eye opener to new possibilities and perspectives. Disappointment is to be a place of empowerment and will put you in a better position to think more clearly and intelligently about what exactly you need to do next. As a result you can move forward with renewed confidence that you can make the most of any situation no matter what happens.

The secret to dealing with disappointment is to not let it grow into stronger emotions like discouragement and depression. Disappointments are not meant to keep you down but to help you grow. Turn the negative thoughts of disappointment into a positive emotion like determination. Disappointment won’t kill you; it will make you stronger. Disappointment is just a learning process for the things you will do in the future. Disappointments can turn out to be blessings in disguise.

Disappointments are hard and frustrating but always think positive by thinking that something better will happen than what you had planned. Positive thinking will allow you to do everything better than negative thinking will. Be patient. Good things are worth the wait. Any person who has had even the smallest degree of success in life has faced some disappointments. Winners just don’t quit. Winners learn from their failures and disappointments and go on to achieve their goals.

Train your mind to see the good in every situation. Do not allow disappointment to lower your self-confidence. Learn how to deal with your disappointments effectively so that you will be able to move on to bigger and better things. You can become your own biggest motivator! Never underestimate the power of encouraging yourself by saying, “I can do this. I can make it. I will get through this!” The question isn’t ‘what if I try and fail but can I afford not to try’?