You Were Created To Win

No one likes to lose. It feels so much better to win. Your battles in life are real and I am sure you have gone through times when you just wanted to surrender but Romans 8:37 says that “in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.” I challenge you to change your perspective when you find your back is up against a wall. I believe that every problem has a solution and you must find that solution no matter what it takes.

All of us have untapped ideas and solutions that are just waiting for us to lock into. Don’t think that just because you find yourself in a difficult situation, that it is God’s will for you. God wants you to succeed; He wants you to be a winner but it will require something that is not easy to do and that is to ‘think.’ Most people don’t think.  If they don’t see the answer immediately they give up and tell themselves “I guess it wasn’t meant to be.” Allow the Holy Spirit to become your business partner, your counselor and your guide.  Ask Him for wisdom and He will lead you to not just any answer, but to the one answer that will turn out for your good. Psalm 107:6 says “then they cried to the Lord in their troubles and He delivered them from their distress.”

Even when you are being led by God to accomplish His purposes, you will run into obstacles that will make you ask yourself ‘did I really hear from God?’  You must trust God and lean not unto your own understanding. Nothing or no one can change God’s plan for you.  Remember,  no situation is ever hopeless or impossible.  Every problem has a solution – you just haven’t found it yet. We must not allow ourselves to feel hopeless.  People who don’t know God have a reason to feel hopeless but not the children of the Most High God! The Holy Spirit is there to guide you to the solution that will cause you to win, but many times we forget that we have this advocate sent by the Father to help us. When Jesus departed He told us about the Comforter, the One who would take His place here on earth. Think about Him and you will find that you really don’t have to lean on your own understanding.

Live with hope. No solution is ever hopeless or impossible to achieve. The Spirit of God will give you the wisdom to think outside of the box. We must press into God if we want to win. A person with a winning attitude will always find a way to win and not even consider failure as an option.  You were created with the God given ability to also create.  You were created to win.  May God’s will be done in you and through you so that the world will be blessed.