Keep The Faith

Have you ever found yourself in a despairing situation where it looked like there was no hope? Many times no hope circumstances involve delays orchestrated by God in preparation for a great miracle.   We can’t see what God is doing behind the scenes. To our natural eye it seems God is taking his time when we want Him to move swiftly. Remember the story of Lazarus in the Bible? He became sick and his family sent for Jesus, but by the time Jesus arrived Lazarus had been dead four days. Jesus could have arrived earlier but he continued to be about his Father’s business and arrived exactly when he was supposed to. God does not need to explain Himself to us. When God doesn’t make sense, keep trusting Him. He is working in ways you can’t see to accomplish what you can’t imagine. This is the kind of faith the Lord is looking for in your life. He wants us to come to the end of our own abilities. He wants us to come to the place where we know that we can’t, but where we believe that He can!

There will be many times when our faith is small and weak, but our faith must always be in the Lord Jesus Christ. Faith in Jesus is faith that will always be honored by God. Mark 9:23 says “If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.”  Faith in Jesus may start out very small, but it will not stay that way for long. God has a way of growing our faith as we walk with Him through the days of our lives. We need our faith to be constantly growing because God doesn’t run on our schedule. God is not bound by the constraints of time and space. It may surprise you, but God does not possess a clock or a calendar and this is the cause for much unnecessary worry in our lives. The delays of life are designed to increase our faith. Think about Joseph and how he was thrown into a pit, then into slavery, then into prison; and out of that delay God gave us the Prime Minister of Egypt and a strong man of God.

When God doesn’t move as quickly as you might like, trust Him anyway for there is nothing impossible with Him. That lost spouse or family member can be saved. That impossible situation in your life can be resolved. That incredible need that you think is so great, it can be met.    Jesus cares about your situation and he is able to handle your situation no matter what it is. Believe that you will be victorious because your faith is not in what you can do but it is in the Lord Jesus Christ and what he can do!