Have You Been to Mt Moriah?

The Bible tells us that obedience is better than sacrifice and at some point in our relationship with the Lord we will be tested in that area. We will find ourselves in a place where we must yield total abandonment to God. This is when we must bring our hopes and dream, our family and everything dear to us and lay it down and offer it to God as a sacrifice. When God has brought us to this place nothing else matters. When God told Abraham to go to Mt. Moriah and offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice, God did not reveal His plan and purpose to Abraham so that he could consider it, pray about it or have a peace about it. God, in essence, was asking Abraham for his heart, his soul, his whole being. Sometimes it is not a question of whether we have a peace. It is more a question of whether we are going to be obedient to what God has told us to do.

Mt. Moriah is the place of personal sacrifice. It is not a debate room. It is not a place where we consider what God as called and equipped us to do because obedience is not optional for believers. We show our love for the Lord Jesus Christ to the degree in which we obey His commands. It means we follow them and treasure them. The man who says, “I know Him,” but does not do what He commands is a liar and the truth is not in him. Obedience is continuous action. It means to continue on and not to stop. It means day by day obedience. Obedience should be the priority in the life of the believer. We should obey God because of who He is. We should honor Him and reverence Him as God the Father, creator of all things.

There’s no substitute for obedience. As a believer we will face many decisions in life. If God in His word requires you to do something that may conflict to your personal priorities, what would be your response? Would it be keeping with your commitment to obey God like Abraham showed us? Is there any area in your life in which you struggle to be obedient? A person can listen to the best preachers yet dishonor God by disobeying the truth they have heard.

Mt. Moriah is that secret meeting place with God and every believer will be called to that place at one time or another. For those who can lay it all on the altar as Abraham did, they will find that there is a blessing far beyond what they could ever imagine. What about you? Are you on your way to Mt. Moriah or have you reached that place in your life where you are struggling as to whether you will give 100% or just 50%? Don’t be afraid to give it your all. God will meet you there and will lovingly and tenderly accept you and you will never be the same again.