You Have The Ability To Win

Have you heard the saying that “a winner never gives up and a person who gives up never wins.” As you probably know by now winning is never easy and winning does not happen automatically. The act of winning is not always easily recognizable because sometimes winning is a personal victory over a personal situation that perhaps cannot be seen by anyone other than God. It feels good to win, winning is great and seeing a winner gives hope to others that perhaps they too can win.

Becoming a winner entails the strength to stay at a task even when you feel like giving up. It is the will power to keep on keeping on when you would rather quit. All too often people are defeated not because of a lack of ability, but because they quit too soon. Many people lose heart and throw in the towel before the game is finished. Your journey on this earth will involve real pain, real problems, and real frustrations, but we have a stabilizing force within us to prevent us from cracking under the pressures of life. God’s desire is for us to remember that we were made in His image and we have what it takes to run our race successfully.

God wants us to persevere and endure and one way to do this is to change our perspective – see our circumstances from God’s point of view. In the kingdom of God nothing is impossible. Are you able to look at your problems with certainty knowing that there is a solution and that God will reveal the solution to you at the right time? You do not have to fear. The only thing you must do is believe that God is bigger than any situation you will ever face. The challenges and pressure you face will have its perfect work and you will become stronger in the process.

The key is to depend on God at all times and for all things. The end result of trying to solve your problems on your own is frustration. Shake off selfishness and put on dependence – total dependence on your heavenly Father.  That’s what God desires and that is what you must accept.  The Bible tells us that the race is not given to the swift but to the one who endures- the one who doesn’t quit too soon.  Make that your goal and you will be rewarded in this life and in the life to come.