Need To Make A Call?

Who do you turn to when your car is broken? Do you go to a plumber or a TV repair man? No you go to a car mechanic to find out what is wrong with your car. So the first thing you must do when you have a problem is know who to turn to. The first action for many people is to call their friends to let them know how bad the situation is. The need for sympathy seems to be a source of comfort, but as a Christian you have the right and the privilege of being able to turn to God.  God will listen to your worries and He is waiting for you to ask Him for help. 1 Peter 5:6-7 “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”

All of us can easily point to a day when everything went wrong. Perhaps it was a sudden heart attack or the sudden death of a spouse or loved one. It could have come with a personal financial crisis, or the diagnosis of a medical problem. Bad things will happen to each of us during our lifetime, but it is important that you remember who God is and the problems you have do not change the nature of God or God’s love for you. Friends are important and are there to help you in any way they can but they are limited in what they can do – God is not. Allow your troubles to push you towards the one person who will not only have an answer but the best answer for you.

So if your first thought is to call a friend in your time of need, think about the friend that you have in Jesus. Cast your cares upon Him and trust that He will always be there for you. It could be that it’ll be years before you understand the “why” of a tough time, or the underlying reason behind a crisis, and it could be that you’ll never know the answers but God is good and He will never leave or forsake you. When you have a problem don’t go to the phone go to the throne.

Some Good Advice

If our lives are going to be meaningful and rewarding we will have to give some thought to what doors God has opened for us that present opportunities planned specifically for us. If you find yourself in a situation that is unexplainable and you know that there is no way you got there on your own, just know that God has supernaturally made a way for you to achieve something incredible.

You must give some thought as to the best way to make the most of the opportunities that are available to you. In Ephesians 2:10 the Bible says, “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Pay attention to the words “which God prepared in advance.” Those words are significant because it clearly means that God has a plan for your life and that plan was put in place while you were still in your mother’s womb and it has not changed. God already knows the opportunities He is presenting to you. He’s made all the preparations for it to happen and everything that has happened to you up to now has prepared you as well. Ephesians 5:16 “…making the most of every opportunity…”When opportunity knocks, don’t let those occasions pass you by. Seize the opportunities that God has planned for you. Don’t allow another day go by without acting on what you know in your heart to be true – that God wants you to be happy, successful and effective in what He has called you to do.

To make the most of opportunities that come to you, you must know and understand what God’s will is for your life. Think about it and if you don’t know ask Him. Pray that God will open your eyes so that you are able to see the hand of God at work.  Ask God to let you see the big picture of His purposes and then understand how your immediate circumstances fit into His plan. Trust me when I say that God is working all things together for your good. I believe that He is orchestrating events and circumstances to build your faith in Him and at the same time conforming you to the image of Christ.

Do not be afraid of the open door in front of you. Yes, you will be challenged, there is no doubt about that but you can count on God to provide everything you need to go where you have never gone before. Take my advice and do not fear the problems, but focus on the opportunities while they are there. Seeing an opportunity from your rear view mirror is not good. Take a step of faith today and walk by faith and not by sight. Put your hand in the hands of the God who holds your future because He, and He alone, knows where you are going.



You Have The Ability To Win

Have you heard the saying that “a winner never gives up and a person who gives up never wins.” As you probably know by now winning is never easy and winning does not happen automatically. The act of winning is not always easily recognizable because sometimes winning is a personal victory over a personal situation that perhaps cannot be seen by anyone other than God. It feels good to win, winning is great and seeing a winner gives hope to others that perhaps they too can win.

Becoming a winner entails the strength to stay at a task even when you feel like giving up. It is the will power to keep on keeping on when you would rather quit. All too often people are defeated not because of a lack of ability, but because they quit too soon. Many people lose heart and throw in the towel before the game is finished. Your journey on this earth will involve real pain, real problems, and real frustrations, but we have a stabilizing force within us to prevent us from cracking under the pressures of life. God’s desire is for us to remember that we were made in His image and we have what it takes to run our race successfully.

God wants us to persevere and endure and one way to do this is to change our perspective – see our circumstances from God’s point of view. In the kingdom of God nothing is impossible. Are you able to look at your problems with certainty knowing that there is a solution and that God will reveal the solution to you at the right time? You do not have to fear. The only thing you must do is believe that God is bigger than any situation you will ever face. The challenges and pressure you face will have its perfect work and you will become stronger in the process.

The key is to depend on God at all times and for all things. The end result of trying to solve your problems on your own is frustration. Shake off selfishness and put on dependence – total dependence on your heavenly Father.  That’s what God desires and that is what you must accept.  The Bible tells us that the race is not given to the swift but to the one who endures- the one who doesn’t quit too soon.  Make that your goal and you will be rewarded in this life and in the life to come.

Something To Think About

We all will become discouraged at some point in our lives simply because certain things will not turn out for us as we had hoped or planned. So the question is what are we to do when we find ourselves dealing with shattered dreams, deferred hope or over-whelming fears? Life is filled with many uncertainties, but children of the Most High God have many guarantees, and one of them is that no matter what our problem, the Word of God is guaranteed to contain your answer. Romans 15:4 says “for whatever things were written before were written for our learning that we through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope.”

Discouragement is a spirit that comes from Satan. Christians don’t bring it upon themselves; nor does the Lord send it. Such attacks usually have nothing to do with any specific sin or failure on the believer’s part. In other words, the spirit of discouragement is one of Satan’s most powerful weapon against God’s children. Satan will try to convince us that we have brought God’s wrath upon ourselves because we don’t measure up in some way or another but that is just another lie that we must cast down. We must see discouragement for what it really is. It is a fiery dart that Satan shoots at us to get us to doubt ourselves. Satan will bombard you with lies to make you think that you will never be good enough. We should always talk to God about our feelings of failure; about our foolish mistakes or about our sins. God is a loving Father and He will be tender and compassionate with us, but we are never to allow Satan’s lies to settle in our hearts!  It’s important that we are patient with ourselves, with others and with God. It takes time for us to overcome obstacles; don’t get discouraged from the struggle. You have not failed until you stop trying.

Following are the modern day Ten Commandments which you should adopt as a way of life for the rest of your life:

  1. You shall not worry for worry is the most unproductive of all human activities.
  2. You shall not be fearful because most of the time what we fear never comes to pass.
  3. You shall not cross bridges before you come to them for no one has yet succeeded in accomplishing this.
  4. You should face each problem as it comes. You can only handle one at a time anyway.
  5. You shall not take problems to bed with you for they will make poor bedfellows.
  6. You shall not borrow other people’s problems. They can better care for them than you.
  7. You shall not try to relive yesterday for good or evil. It is forever gone. Concentrate on what has happened in your life and be happy now.
  8. You shall be a good listener for only when you listen do you hear ideas that are different from your own. It’s hard to learn something new when you are talking.
  9. You shall not become bogged down from frustrations for 90% of it is rooted in self pity and will only interfere with positive actions.
  10. You should count your blessings. Never overlook the small ones for a lot of small ones add up to a big one.

The Best Is Yet To Come

Happy New Year everyone and I would like you to believe what I believe and that is no matter what you are going through the best is yet to come! You might think that you are stuck in a rut and that today is going to be just like yesterday and nothing will ever change, but hold steady because the promises of God are real and waiting on you if you have faith to believe. You may say I’ve been here for all these years and it hasn’t come yet, but hold on the best is yet to come. You may seem to be in a bad situation, and seem to be down and out, but you have to remember that the best is yet to come.

One key principle you must live by is to submit your life to God and don’t try to fix your problems yourself. If you do that, you will make things worse, but if you let God take control everything will be alright. Don’t ever believe that you are in a situation that you cannot get out of. The Bible says that when Jesus was nailed to the cross every sin that we have ever committed was nailed to the cross. Our sins have been bought and paid for by the blood of Jesus. There is an old song that says I know it was the blood that saved me. So you see God has already set us free. Jesus is good at making a way out of no way. In fact, I don’t know of any other person who is capable of that but once again it takes faith. Believe that God is who He says He is and that He will do what He says He will do. Don’t confuse God with the people you know and expect Him to have limitations. Nothing is impossible with God.

There is a Bible story about some of Jesus’ disciples who were fishermen. The Bible says that as Jesus preached along the lake He saw two ships, and He chose the ship of Peter. He told Peter to go out in the lake a little further so that He could preach to the people. As time moved on He finished his sermon, and looked at Peter and told him to cast out his net. You see before Jesus came, Peter and the others were having no luck catching any fish. Jesus looked at Peter and told him to drop his net and try to catch some more fish. I can imagine Peter looked at Jesus with confusion and said to him; I am a real fisherman and this is what I do, and you are going to tell me how to run my business. But nevertheless he dropped his net and when he pulled it up he had so many fish until his boats couldn’t hold them all. You might be good at what you do, but God has blessings that you don’t even have room to receive.

Join me in standing on the promises of God and believe with your whole heart that the best is yet to come in 2016.