Need An Appraisal?

Everyone wants to be loved because without it, we feel worthless and unimportant. In our society today, we base how important a person is by their appearance, their achievement, their wealth and by what other people think about them. The problem with that is none of those four things are constant. They all will change depending on circumstances. Appearances will change with time; wealth can come and go; people might like you one day and disapprove of you the next. Therefore, you must never base your self -worth on the things you possess or on the opinions of other people. You are to build your self- image and self- worth on what God thinks about you and not on what other people think about you. If you really understand what God thinks of you, it will change the way you see yourself.

No matter how badly you feel when no one else seems to notice you, know that Jesus will notice you.  You might think that God has forgotten you, but truthfully, God has never taken His eyes off of you since you became His. God has seen every step you have taken. He has seen every mistake you have made and for sure. He is looking at you at this very second! Don’t relate God to man. In our eyes, no one really cares about us or the challenges we face every day because everyone has their own problems. And, perhaps we get so busy that we don’t pay that much attention to God except on Sunday morning, so it’s easy to think that God doesn’t care but you matter so much to Him. Jesus said in Luke 12:7 ‘why even the hairs on your head are all numbered. Fear not, you are of more value than many sparrows.’ Do you know that the deepest expression of love is attention? When you give someone your attention, you are giving them your love. When you can’t depend on anyone else loving you, you can depend upon God’s love.

In the art world, there are two kinds of artwork; there are prints, which are mass produced, all identical to each other; and there are masterpieces – one of a kind. You are a masterpiece – one of a kind – uniquely made for God’s purposes and if you are the owner of a masterpiece, you watch over it and take special care of it. Masterpieces never lose their value, they increase in time. Think about that for a moment – you are increasing in value to God each and every day. Some of us have come from not so good backgrounds; some very bad things have been spoken to you; you might have been told that you would never amount to anything. The only way to get over all of that is to replace those negative things with the truth that you are special to God despite what others might have told you. The world can put you down but God will lift you up!

It might be hard to believe or accept but no matter where you have come from, or what you have done, God still wants to have a personal relationship with you. The fact that God wants a relationship with us tells us how much God loves us and that He wants us to come to Him just as we are no matter what condition we are in. Never think that if we go to God with all of the dirt in our lives that He will reject us. Satan wants you to think that way, but nothing could be further from the truth. You are valuable to God and stop letting the opinions of other people make you feel worthless. John 15:9 says ‘as the Father has loved me, so have I loved you.  Abide in my love.’  You won’t need a second opinion after you have received God’s appraisal of you.