It’s A Good Thing To Wait Upon The Lord

One of the greatest lessons that you will learn in your lifetime is  how to wait on God. Waiting on God is tough on some people. Waiting is never easy. Waiting is challenging but it is always rewarded.  The truth of the matter is struggle is always there when you are waiting upon God because you begin to understand it’s his timing and not your timing.  We have a tendency to think that we are ready for every blessing God has for us. Little do we know how much we must grow before we are positioned to receive God’s best for us.

Waiting is designed to increase our faith. If God instantly gave you what you wanted, you would never learn to live by faith. Just give me that car. Give me that house. Give me that job. Make me great. Your faith has to be tested. In the middle of unfavorable circumstances, God finds out how much faith you really have and how much you trust Him. A lot of people don’t yet have the type of faith that anchors them while they are going through the impossible. They let their doubts take control instead of allowing God to take control.

Waiting is also designed to teach us endurance. A mature person who has developed endurance trusts in God more than they trust in their circumstances. They have learned that trouble doesn’t last always and that God has promised never to leave or forsake us so they are able to wait. Endurance enables you to do everything you need to do without giving up knowing that beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is faithful.

It’s imperative that as a child of God you learn to wait upon the Lord.


Because nothing is impossible with God

Because God is in control

Because God is working behind the scenes on your behalf

Because God promised to reward those who wait on him