God’s Will For You

There is one thing that I have learned in life and that is everything begins with God, is controlled by God, and will one day end in God and if you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you cannot, and will not, be successful without turning everything you love in this life over to God and submit to His will.  Someone once said that ‘if you want to make God laugh tell Him your plans.’ Well, it’s time to put our plans under the will of God. Every day rise up and thank God for a new day. It wasn’t promised to you; every day you wake up is a gift. Don’t plan your day and leave God out of it. Put your plans under the will of God, not above them! if our plans fail; even if our dream doesn’t materialize; even if we lose someone we love; we must take a stand and declare that God is God no matter what!

God has given each of us a measure of faith but has your faith grown any? Do you trust God more today than you did yesterday, last year or five years ago? If you don’t, something is wrong. You are not focusing on the right things. Maybe you are stuck – stuck in unforgiveness or bitterness or stuck in the pain that someone caused you 20 years ago, but you must move forward. You will not have victory in this present day if you don’t release anything that is holding you back from being filled with the Holy Spirit.

We live and learn, and if you are close to God, God will let you know when you do not have the mind of Christ. It’s important is that we learn from our mistakes; we are to learn but not to get stuck in the past. So you made a bad decision – learn from it but let the mistake go and keep the wisdom. Embrace the grace of God and thank Him that He got right in the middle of your mistake and worked it out so that you can fulfill His plans for you. Your destiny doesn’t change – you change! No one can keep you from what God has planned for you except you, but, once you have an ‘aw haw’ moment and you realize that you just might have missed it on some level, repent and submit.

God loves you and wants to give you His best.  God’s power is manifested in our weakness and He wants nothing more than to show you who He really is.  Keep believing; hold steady and submit to God’s will for your life.  Your best days are ahead of you.