Amazing Grace

Has life ever thrown you a curve ball – something that came suddenly and unexpectedly and changed your life forever? Very seldom does life happen exactly the way we’d like it to. It’s good to make plans, but often things happen and circumstances change that remind us that we are not in control. Our response to curve balls can range from being miserable, frustrated, unhappy and even angry, but even when our circumstances are not favorable, there is a grace in God that can sustain you until your breakthrough arrives. God is never going to put us into a situation or permit us to be in one, without giving us the ability to stand firm with a peace that passes all understanding. This grace causes other people to look at us and wonder how we are able to handle it with such dignity and faith. Our attitude will speak to the people around us much more than if we try to preach to them. It’s about how we live our life in front of them, especially when things are not going perfectly. The grace of God empowers us to do whatever we must do when we are called upon to do it.

Grace comes to us through faith. The Bible tells us that God has given each of us a certain measure of grace. We must use this grace to overcome and not rely on our own strength to see us through. God’s grace will enable us to do with ease what we could never do on our own for God’s grace is sufficient. We won’t have to struggle and hope that whatever we do will be good enough. Faith in God places us in position to know that there is nothing impossible with God, and if we allow God to work on our behalf, everything will turn out for our good. Don’t force God to watch you try to solve your problems on your own. God will wait until you come to the end of yourself and ask for His help before He steps in. Depend upon your heavenly Father for everything. God will give you the victory every day of your life.

The grace of God is sufficient and it is truly amazing and it is there for each of us who know Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. There is no price tag to be put on grace. It can’t be bought. The blood of Jesus has made it available and God loves us so much that He gives it to us – many times when we don’t deserve it and that is why it is called God’s unmerited favor. I don’t know about you but I would not be here today without it!