God Is Amazing

One of the amazing things about God is that He can bring blessings into your life out of nowhere. When it looks like everything is going against you, God can, in an instant, bless you in a way that you least expect. Something that might not look like much can all of a sudden turns into something great after God places His hand on it. God is good at taking you out of nothing and putting you into something bigger than you could imagine. You can’t image how quickly God can bring you into your destiny. You might feel like you are going nowhere fast.  You might think that God has forgotten all about you. But God’s ways are much higher than our own and you can trust that He is in the background doing what needs to be done to bring you into the brightest season of your life.

God is not obligated to tell any of us exactly what He plans to do, nor how He plans to do it, nor when He plans to do it. His ways are His ways! Sometimes we have to get over some stuff before God will allow us to walk into His blessings! Don’t hinder God.  Ask yourself ‘am I still holding onto something of the past that I need to let go of?” God will choose you long before He lets you know what His plans are, and then He will anoint you so that you will be successful at what you are to do. Sometimes we think that God doesn’t have any plans for us, or we feel like God has forgotten all about us, but God is actually protecting us and preparing us out of the spotlight for great things. Sometimes God holds back on our next blessing because He knows we would lose our mind if He gave it to us right now. God waits for a particular time to allow us to become prepared for our next level, and when God is ready no one can stop it.

God will anoint you in the midst of the people who think that you are not qualified to be promoted. God will raise you up to make others around you ask “why him or why her? You might not look like it now but that doesn’t mean that God hasn’t placed greatness inside of you. That is why we should not go around judging people based on their present position. You don’t know what position they will be in tomorrow. Greatness will be found in the position you are not yet in! We were born to fulfill our destiny. Everything that happens to us works together for the good of helping us move to our place of greatness. When God feels that it is time to move you to your next level, He will anoint you. This anointing will enable you to do things that even you thought you could never do. This anointing will be the gift that will make room for you and put you before people that you never could have stood before on your own.

God has already imparted a good and perfect gift inside you. You might not even recognize what it is yet.  You might even think that you will never do great things because you are not as charismatic as others. God is no respecter of persons, and He will make sure that when it is time your gift will be a blessing to you and to others. Your gift will cause you to blossom and become the man or woman God has destined you to be.  Be patient. What you are going through is for a pre-destined purpose and when it is all said and done – IT WILL BE AMAZING!