How Strong Are You?

Do you consider yourself a strong person?  Maybe you are an emotionally strong person.  Maybe you can handle a lot of pressure and work 12-14 hours a day.  Maybe you are the anchor in your family that everyone leans on for support.  There are many kinds of strength ,but the most important one is the strength you have in the Lord.  Strength for the Christian is in the spirit and it is measured in faithfulness, trust and perseverance.  Everyone needs strength because there are so many things we must fight in this world.  Remember, this is not Heaven and as long as we are on this earth, we will be called upon to fight all sorts of things.  For example you will have to fight sickness, depression, the death of someone you love or losing your job or business.  We even have to fight when our plans don’t turn out the way we had hoped.

As a Believer, you will also be called upon to fight spiritual battles.  Spiritual battles are diverse but include unforgiveness, bitterness and pride.  The word of God tells us how we are to fight our spiritual battles and it tells us how to have the strength we need.  These forces of darkness weaken you and they will cause you to stumble if you do not fight with the weapons that your heavenly Father has provided for you.  Those weapons consist of truth, righteousness, the gospel of peace, faith, salvation and the sword of the spirit.  God gave us these 6 things so that we may be strong in our faith; so that we may be rooted in His Word and live by faith and in truth.  God’s armor is what will keep you safe and strong.  It has already been tested and proven.  To trust God’s armor is to trust God.  God knows that our human strength is not enough to out beat, out smart or out last the fiery darts of Satan.  God not only gives us our daily provisions for life, but He has also given us provisions for battle.  Don’t try to fight the enemy of your soul without the armor of God or you will lose every time. You are NOT that strong!

If you are going to be a strong person, you must be strong in the Lord.  You must put on faith, righteousness and salvation.  You must obey the Word of God, live in  truth and you absolutely must pray.  God’s armor will enable you to fight a good fight of faith.  Every day, put on the whole armor of God – don’t leave home without it!