Go Deeper In God

I’m sure that you have a plan for your life but God also has a plan for every one of us.  God’s plan is superior to our plan and that is why we must pray for direction to follow it,  have the patience to wait on it, and most of all we need knowledge to know when it comes.  To know God’s plan, we must have an intimate relationship with Him to experience the communication that is necessary to hear from God.  We all have friends and we all have acquaintances, but the kind of relationship I’m talking about goes so much deeper than having an occasional talk with God.  The people who love God so much to the point that they want what God wants, aren’t satisfied with just knowing about God, they want to truly know God and they will pursue God not just on the surface but they will take their relationship  deep because that is where God is!

To receive all that God has for you, I want to admonish you to go deeper in God with faith.  Going deep will require much faith and the more faith you have, the deeper you will go.  Just as a pool has shallow water in the beginning, then the further out you go the deeper the water, the same holds true with your personal relationship with God.  The deeper you go, the more you will know about God and His will for you.  Imagine a pool of water symbolizing your relationship with God.  Your depth in God could be just ankle deep.  Christians who are at this depth are baby Christians who are not yet ready to swim because they are not yet spiritually mature. Walking in ankle deep water requires little effort. you can easily choose to get in or out, and you are one of the people the Bible says are easily blown to and fro by all manners of doctrine.  At this depth, you are just a little bit committed and your eyes are still looking back and not towards the future. You need to see more before you believe more.

If you go deeper, you will then be knee deep.  Christians who is at this stage understand the power of prayer and of the Holy Spirit. Knee deep believers are a little more committed than the ankle deep believers, but it is still fairly easy for them to change their minds and get out of the water.  If your relationship goes a little deeper, you are in waist deep.  Believers who are wait deep in their relationship with God read the Word, they understand the Word and they are assured of their personal salvation.  They understand the grace of God; they are faithful tithers because they do not want to rob God.  They are also out sharing the good news of the gospel with the lost.  At this level, the believer is growing in the Lord and is solid.  If you are brave enough to go deeper in God from this level, you become submerged and have reached the highest level in God.  This is the final stage, the water is supporting you, you are not using your own power to wade through the water, and you are walking in the fullness of the Holy Spirit.  Your relationship is all about being totally submitted to  God’s will and the flow of His spirit.

As Christians, we must want to go deep with God so that we are able to swim; so that the power and presence of God pushes us into doing God’s will and not our own.  Our Christian walk must grow larger and deeper; we need to depend upon God for everything.  God does have a plan for your life.  Pray for the knowledge to recognize God’s will for your life.  Pray for the patience to wait on God’s timing and to have the faith to follow His direction.  Don’t settle for knowing about God or having just an ankle deep relationship with Him.  Pursue God with your whole heart and you will find Him and experience the deep things of God that few ever realize.