Find His Grace – Find His Favor

All of us will go through a period of feeling so overwhelmed that we think we can’t take it.  We become overwhelmed by life itself, by people, by our circumstances; by the demands placed on us and it isn’t always easy.  It’s important that we understand that God knows our abilities.  He knows what we are capable of.  He knows what we can and cannot handle.  One of the many attributes of God is that He is an architect.  God has designed you just like an architect designs a building.  Understand that even though an architect never drives a bulldozer, or picks up a hammer or nail, he builds the building with specs to determine what grade of concrete, and steel and wood he must put in the building.  He designs it in a way to determine how much weight the building can stand.  You have been designed by God. He designed your strengths, your will, your personality and your tenacity and He already knows how well you will stand up under pressure.  He knows exactly what you have been designed to do in your lifetime and He knows that when the time comes, you will be able to handle the challenges you face.

The Bible says that God is faithful, and he will not allow us to be tempted beyond our abilities and that He will provide us a way of escape so that we may endure.  So when God says you are able to endure it, it is more than a word of encouragement.  It’s a word from the architect who constructed you, and He knows what you are design to do and what you were not meant to do.  That’s why you’re not going through what someone else you know is going through. They have the grace for it – you don’t! Your test and your temptation is determined by your construction and God’s purpose for you.  You can’t take what has been designed for someone else and they can’t take what has been designed for you! God’s grace is given to you exactly when you need it and you will find that it is more than sufficient.

God’s favor follows His grace and that is the key to over-coming every challenge that will come your way.  You only get to see what you are made of when your must endure the burdens that are put on your shoulders alone to carry.  You have a job to do and only you can do it.  You have a purpose to fulfill and only you can fulfill it.  You will win every time not only because of who you are but who you belong to.  Look for the grace of God in your life and you will also find His favor.