The Favor of God

Not many people realize that the favor of God is awarded to someone to be a shield for them. Psalm 5:12 says “For you bless the righteous, O Lord; you cover him with favor as with a shield.” Walking in divine favor opens up the windows of heaven in your life and its effect is so amazing that the recipient knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that only by the grace of God are they able to receive such blessings.

What is it like to be blessed with God’s divine favor?  It’s easy to recognize God’s favor upon you when you are the one selected for a position when many other people also wanted that position.  The same is true when you are chosen for a position that you are not naturally qualified for but someone believes in you and gives you an opportunity that would have taken you years to get on your own.  God’s favor is also evident when help comes to you at a time and from a place you would never have expected.  Divine favour will do certain things for you. For example, people will always want to bless you and do kind things for you.

If you want to keep the favor of God in your life you must refrain from being disobedient to God’s word.  You must also be humble and avoid becoming prideful because God will not tolerate pride.  In fact, pride has such an adverse affect on God that He will deal with it appropriately.  Giving back to God what is rightfully His, and helping others in need will cause God to continue to bless you.  God loved us so much that He gave His only begotten Son so that we might have eternal life.  It’s only right that God expect those who are blessed with much to give to those who have less.

The favor of God is a gift like no other.  Every one desires to have this favor but only a few will live the life that causes God to honor them in this way.  It’s not wisdom to go through life unprepared.  Do all you can do to become successful, but if you want to be more than just prepared, become righteous and God will do the rest.