God – The Promise Keeper

We all have had the experience of having someone make a promise to us that they failed to follow through on.  Not only is this hurtful to the one who lived with expectation, but it also speaks to the character and integrity of  the one who made the promise.

People are known not only by their deeds but with their words.  Your words reveal who you are and the failure to keep a promise reveals the nature of your heart.  A heart that  doesn’t care about the affects of devastating another person is found only in a selfish individual.  This type of person fails to realize that they are building a reputation where their integrity will always be questionable.

Our heavenly Father is a promise keeper and has from the beginning of time kept every promise that He has ever made.  His word is true because He is faithful and the Bible is a testament to how He has always followed through on every promise He made.  Sometimes we are called on to wait for the fulfillment of a promise.  Abraham had to wait 25 years for the son that God promised him but in the fullness of time Isaac was born.

If you are waiting on God to fulfill a promise that He has made to you, keep believing for it will surely come.  Unlike man, God cannot lie.  He will do whatsoever He says, and you can be fully persuaded that in due time you will receive everything God has promised you.  Don’t let circumstances cause you to lose hope.  God created this universe by His words and there is nothing impossible for Him.  Keep the faith and guard your heart and mind and let God take control and you will inherit the desires of your heart just as so many others have.

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