Collaboratively administrate empowered

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The Infallible Word of God

Many people like to read because not only is it educational but it is also a form of relaxation.  Just as the body needs exercise to stay in shape, reading exercises the mind which benefits the human body in many ways.  No matter what your field of interest, there are a variety of choices of books to read relative to science, history, biographies, fictional or non-fictional, but there is one book that few people actually make a point to read and that is the Bible.

The Christian religion is based on the Bible and is the infallible word of God.  Society has many different opinions about the authenticity of the authorship of the Bible but to the Believer it is the inspired word of God.  The Bible was given to us to to teach us the ways of God; to inform, correct and give us hope.  More importantly, the Word of God sets man free – free from sin and free from being controlled by the enemy of our soul Satan.  If you want to live a life that is pleasing to God, you must know what the Bible says and be obedient to His Word.

Many people have at least one Bible in their home, yet fail to read it consistently, but that is not God’s will.  God want us to be equipped to handle the storms that come into our lives so He has given us example after example of what to do and what not to do in His Word. The Christian is to be forever changing becoming more Christ-like in his walk with the Lord and the only way to be successful in that area is to know what the Bible will have you to do in your life, marriage, and your relationships.

Purpose in your heart that beginning today, you are going to read at least a verse every day and I promise you that the more you do this, the more you will want to do it.  You will find that you are moving closer to God because you will get to know Him on a personal level and you will discover the love God has for you.  Think of the Bible as God’s love letter to you.  Hide His word in your heart and watch how your life will change for the better and this will bring glory and honor to God in a profound way.


Baptism is the public demonstration of a sinner’s act of repentance and declaration that he/she has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  After being submerged in water, a person is signifying that they are emerging as a new creation and that they no longer will be controlled by their sinful nature but has now embraced justification that is available to them.  Water baptism identifies a person as a child of God and is just the beginning of a life where old things have passed away and everything has become new.

There is another gift available to everyone who belongs to the body of Christ, but unfortunately not everyone has taken advantage of.  This gift is the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit was called the comforter by Jesus who told His disciples that it would come after His ascension and it did.  The Holy Spirit is the source of power that makes one different than anyone else. It is super-natural and it strengthens our relationship with God; guides, teaches and counsels believers and is accompanied by the gift of tongues.  This is God’s gift and will for every person.  In order for God’s will to be done on earth, believers must allow the Holy Spirit to manifest Himself so that the world will see that God is alive and miracles are ever present in our world today.

In our human nature we are limited but what sets a believer apart from the rest is the ability to hear the voice of God and carry out His commandments.  Whether healing is needed in the body, marriages, families or finances, nothing is impossible because God’s power cannot and will not fail.  The Holy Spirit is a promise from God for us and all future generations to those who believe.  Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and that is why God wants believers to walk in the spirit and to honor Him in everything we do and everywhere we go.

If you have a relationship with Jesus Christ and are not yet walking in the Spirit of God, ask Him and He will not withhold what He has already promised.  Salvation is the only requirement and you will be empowered to live your new life at its fullness which will bring glory and honor to your heavenly Father.


God – The Promise Keeper

We all have had the experience of having someone make a promise to us that they failed to follow through on.  Not only is this hurtful to the one who lived with expectation, but it also speaks to the character and integrity of  the one who made the promise.

People are known not only by their deeds but with their words.  Your words reveal who you are and the failure to keep a promise reveals the nature of your heart.  A heart that  doesn’t care about the affects of devastating another person is found only in a selfish individual.  This type of person fails to realize that they are building a reputation where their integrity will always be questionable.

Our heavenly Father is a promise keeper and has from the beginning of time kept every promise that He has ever made.  His word is true because He is faithful and the Bible is a testament to how He has always followed through on every promise He made.  Sometimes we are called on to wait for the fulfillment of a promise.  Abraham had to wait 25 years for the son that God promised him but in the fullness of time Isaac was born.

If you are waiting on God to fulfill a promise that He has made to you, keep believing for it will surely come.  Unlike man, God cannot lie.  He will do whatsoever He says, and you can be fully persuaded that in due time you will receive everything God has promised you.  Don’t let circumstances cause you to lose hope.  God created this universe by His words and there is nothing impossible for Him.  Keep the faith and guard your heart and mind and let God take control and you will inherit the desires of your heart just as so many others have.

Rock Foundation

As you know any house that is built to last must be able to withstand pressures – pressures from the weather and anything else that could cause its ruin.  The foundation has to be solid; it has to be secure and once it has settled and become solidified, the rest of the house can be built on top of it.  The same is true with our walk with the Lord.  The foundation must start with the act of repentance.  All of us have sinned and need to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as our one and only Savior because He is the only one who can save us and make forgiveness and reconciliation possible.  Once we acknowledge our need for Jesus, we must purpose in our hearts to turn away from the life we use to live where we selfishly did whatever we wanted to do, and begin to live a life that honors God and gives Him first place in our life.

The second brick that must be used in the foundation of building a Christ centered life is faith.  Faith is being assured of something you can’t see but you firmly believe that it will come to pass.  The Bible tells us that without faith we will not be able to please God.  Faith is so important because you will need it for the rest of your life.  You must believe that God is.  You must believe that His Word is true because when the wind blows against your house, you will be able to withstand the force of any storm.  In this life you will have to go through test after test and if your foundation is not built on faith, you will succumb and lose the battle.  Your faith will enable you to persevere and hold you steady when all else is crumbling around you.

Build your house upon the rocks of repentance and faith and one day you will hear “well done thy good and faithful servant.”