The Lord Is On Your Side

I can say with confidence that the Lord is on your side!  God’s Word repeatedly tells us ‘to fear not.’  It doesn’t matter what the nature of the battle you are fighting, you are not fighting alone because God has promised to never leave nor forsake you.  Your battles are His battles and if He is with you, you will always win for if God be with you, who can be against you? If you are living life depending on your own strength, chances are you will have a limited amount of success.  Your education, personality and talents might serve you well in some things and only with some people.  But Believers have an weapon that few are taking advantage of.  God’s arm is not too short that He cannot save.  You owe it to yourself to live your life knowing that with God all things are possible.

In the wrestling arena there is a matched called ‘tag team wrestling.’  In it, two men are fighting against two opponents but there can be only one person from each team in the ring at one time.  When one fighter gets tired or is getting beaten all he has to do is tag his partner and his partner can step in and he can leave the ring.  Believers have the Lord Jesus Christ as their tag team partner.  When they have done all they can do and it isn’t enough, all they have to do is  call on the Lord.  He will come running with the victory in His hand because at the name of Jesus every knee must bow!

The Lord is your helper.  He will come running when you call upon His name.  Do not allow yourself to be defeated.  The enemy of your soul wants you to believe that you are in this world all alone but nothing could be further from the truth.  The Word of God tells us how much we are loved and that we have a friend that sticks closer than a brother.  When you are weary, call upon Jesus and He will be there right when you need Him.  If you need encouragement, sit down and spend time reading God’s Word and let your faith grow in the knowledge that God is on your side.