A Miracle At Mid-Night

Many of you know what it is like to have a “mid-night hour” experience. A mid-night hour experience is the time when things are the darkest.  It is the time when you need to be rescued because you are virtually blinded by your situation. You know it is the time when you need a miracle, because only a miracle can bring you the urgent relief you so desperately need. When everything is falling apart; when your plans don’t seem to be working, the good news is God has a plan to miraculously rescue you.

The Apostle Peter went through a mid-night experience.  King Herod had him arrested and had him chained to a guard on his left and a guard on his right.  His hands and feet were also chained.  Peter was going to be executed the next morning but that was not the will of God.  The church was praying for him and those prayers prevailed.  God sent an angel down and released Peter from his chains without waking up the guards.  The angel showed him the way out and set him on his way.  This all happened so quickly that Peter thought he was dreaming. When Peter appeared at the door of those praying for him, they were shocked and didn’t believe at first that Peter was actually in their midst.  It took a miracle to rescue Peter and a miracle is what he received.

You might be in a situation that only God can get you out of.  It doesn’t matter how difficult it looks; just know that God can do anything and everything.  There isn’t a problem that God can’t solve.  God can step in and release the chains that bind you.  The Bible says that the effectual, fervent prayers of the righteous avails much. (James 5:16). Although you may be going through the most humbling experience of your life, although you may feel as if God has forgotten you, or that your friends have forsaken you, God will provide a way of escape for you.  Many saints have experienced  a miracle at mid-night.  If you need one, humble yourself and pray and God will show Himself to you.  He will break the chains that bind you and He will do it in such a way that even you will think that you are dreaming.