What’s On Your Mind?

In the news today we can find several stories about the wars going on in other nations.  The nation of Israel is fighting a war with the rebels in Gaza.  The nation of Ukraine is fighting pro-Russian rebels.  Afghanistan and Iraq are figting civil wars just to name a few.  The war that I want to call attention to today is the battle going on in the minds of many Christians.  This battle is between faith and doubt, and the side that wins will be the side that is fed the most.

At times, the challenges of life can cause even the strongest Believer to stop for a moment and question whether or not God will answer their prayers.  This opens the door for the enemy to feed on this negatism and he will then flood your mind with all kinds of thoughts that can lead to loss of hope.  That is Satan’s goal – to aggravate the Believer to the point that they lose hope in God.  Losing hope in other people is one thing, but to lose hope in God is fatal.  Pain can drive a person to the end of their rope, be it physical, mental or spiritual, but once you are traveling down this road, you are certain that God doesn’t care about you or what you are going through.  Being in this position is sad and the only way out is to reach out to another fellow brother or sister in the Lord who will lead you back to your heavenly Father.

A mind that is certain; a mind that is sure; a mind that is confident and full of faith puts the troubles of this world and particularly those in your life in the right perspective.  Faith gives the Believers options that cannot be seen by someone whose mind is full of doubt.  Faith drives you to God instead of away from God.  Faith causes you to remember the goodness of God and how God has been faithful to you in the past.  Faith causes you to experience the presence of God and embrace His love and positions you for healing.  Faith gives you hope and propels you to open the Word of God and find the answers you are seeking.

The spirit of God changes night into day; it turns mourning into dancing and it restores peace where there was chaos and confusion.  Just as night and day cannot exist in the same place at the same time, faith and doubt cannot co-exist.  You must choose one and turn away from the other but it has to be settled in your mind first.  Your mind is the key because your mind will direct your next step whether good or bad.  Your mind will either hold you steady and allow God to perfect those things that concern you or your mind will cause you to become anxious, fearful and doubt who God is.

Let me ask you a question. What’s on your mind today?