The Will of God Brings Calmness

When Jonah disobeyed God by not going to Nineveh and got on a boat going to Tarshish, God showed His displeasure by causing a great storm to arise.  Jonah knew immediately that he was the cause of the storm so he shared his story with the others on the boat and told them that he was running from the presence of God.  Jonah instructed the men to throw him over-board.  As soon as he was thrown over-board the ranging storm ceased and calmness prevailed.  God caused a whale to open his mouth and consume Jonah.  God put Jonah in a position where he had the time to think about the mistake he had made.  Jonah then spent three days inside the whale but the end result was Jonah repented and did what God had previously told him to do.

One of the hardest things we must learn to do is to surrender our will to the will of God.  When we do, we receive the strength to do what God has asked us to do and the end result will be peace and calmness in our lives.  It is a blessing to trust that whatever God tells you to do, it is the best thing for everyone involved.  You will not have peace until you align your will to God’s.  Fear prevents a lot of people from obeying the commandments of God but obedience is what gets God’s attention.  We honor God when we submit to His will.  There is no place where you can run away from God or get beyond His reach.  It is best to let faith conquer your feelings and allow God to take control.

Jonah found that being in the will of God brings calmness.  No one should live a life of turmoil.  Trust God enough to submit and surrender and you will have the abundant life that Jesus Christ promised.

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