“It Is Finished!”

Jesus Christ came to this earth for one purpose and that was to reconcile mankind back to God.  Through  the sin of Adam and Eve, every man and every woman lost that divine intimacy that had once existed between God and man.  God is a God of love and He is a just and righteous God.  Once sin came between man and God, God’s love and mercy would not allow Him to stay separated forever.  It was out of love that God gave to the world His only begotten Son so that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. God’s gift cost Jesus His life and because he was crucified for our sins, every one can be forgiven; because Jesus was raised from the dead, every one has been redeemed.  All we need to do is ask Jesus to become our Lord and Savior and live a life worthy of a child of God.

Jesus died for our sins but He arose on the third day and because He arose, every child of God will never see death but will pass from death into a life that we can only imagine.  As Jesus was hanging on the cross, He made the statement “it is finished.”  What He meant was that everything had been done according to the will of His Father to restore a relationship that could not be restored any other way.  No one could ever work hard enough or be good enough to merit eternal life on their own.  Once you accept Jesus as your Savior, you become part of the family of God.  No one can then pluck you out of His hands.

It’s amazing that all it takes is a believing heart when you consider the price that Jesus paid for redemption but it is true.  The blood of Jesus that was shed was and is good enough for the salvation of every one no matter who you are.  If you are living you life without Jesus, don’t go another day without asking Him into your heart.  If you are walking with Jesus, reflect on the goodness and grace of God.  No greater love can be found than the love Father God has for you.  Believe it.  Trust it and thank Him every day for it.