Divine Design

When you experience what you might identify as a crisis in your life, it could be that it was allowed by God to become a divine design.  A crisis is never planned nor expected but it has been allowed to come into your life because your heavenly Father thought that it would be the most profound way to teach you a life lesson that you will never forget and to let it become part of your testimony – a testimony that will glorify God. The Apostle Paul, in his writings to the church at Corinth, testifies of the many things that he had to experience, such as being stoned, beaten, ship wrecked, hunger, thirst and differences with fellow believers.  Yet, he pointed out that these things all led to further the gospel.  Things do happen to us but they have a purpose – a divine purpose and God will use it not only for your good but for the good of His kingdom.

Nothing will ever just happen to you without it having a purpose.  Look at your life situations with spiritual eyes and ask God to show you His plan to use it for His glory.  It is not God’s plan to destroy you or cause you to turn away from Him.  The Apostle Paul was in the center of God’s will but was not spared tribulations that would have destroyed a lesser man of faith. God’s plan is to have a relationship with each one of us and when you find yourself in a hard place, cry out to God and He will hear you and He will deliver you – not some of the time but all of the time.

Job was a honorable and righteous man who lost everything but he remained faithful to God and was so blessed that the latter half of his life excelled the first part of his life.  Joseph experienced 13 years of hard times but through it all never lost his faith and became the second most powerful person in the land of Egypt.  These men were tested and their test turned into a powerful testimony that still shines today.

Life is a journey that has many twists and  turns, many ups and down and good times as well as bad times.  How do you respond when things just happen in your life?  Will God find you faithful at the end?  WIll you hear “well done thy good and faithful servant?”  God is in control and when you submit and allow Him to mold you into what He wants you to be, you will know that no matter what it looks or feels like, God has a plan for you and you will only accomplish His will after going through His divine design.