Take The Risk

Have you ever did something that you had never done before and you did not know how it would end?  It takes faith to do that.  It takes faith to step out of your comfort zone or to think outside of the box.  You might be successful right now but imagine how successful you would be if you stuck your neck out and went an extra mile and took a risk.  If God has given you a word, move on it!  Don’t let the door of opportunity pass you bye because it may not come your way again.

If you want to enjoy a greater measure of success than you have never known, you must do the following:

1) Give over and above what is expected

2) Don’t make excuses

3) Expect to experience things beyond your understanding

4) Plan on some dark days

5) Focus on the big picture

Some people just can’t go the extra mile.  They are content on doing just enough to get by but God has great plans for you.  His plans include giving you hope and a future.  Are you willing to do what it takes to get there?  Are you willing to do more than you have ever done before?  Are you willing to deal with people that might be a little different but are able to teach you what you need to know?  Most important, are you willing to persevere through the tough times until you reach your goal?  Keep your eyes on the Lord and allow Him to take you where you have never been.