How To Live With God’s Favor

There is a story about a little boy who went into a country store and on the counter was a glass jar containing jelly beans.  He walks up to the counter and stares at the jar with a hungry look on his face.  The store owner tells the boy to put his hand in the jar and take a handful but the boy politely says ‘no thanks.’  The store owner insists that the boy take a handful but again he declines.  Finally, the story owner puts his own hand into the jar and pulls out a handful and gives it to the boy.  The boy runs back to his mother who was shopping and shows her all the jelly beans he was given.  The mother asks the boy why didn’t he just take a handful when the owner told him to and the boy replied ‘his hands are bigger than mine.’

You might have some degree of success in life doing things by yourself but how much more could you receive from the hands of God?  God’s hands are bigger than yours and imagine what it would be like if you lived with His favor on your life?  If you look for ways to sow a seed, not only financially, but by helping someone in need you will have God’s favor.  If you are obedient and if you live with an understanding heart, you will also have God’s favor.  If you live with an attitude of humility and briddle your tongue, you will please God and if you associate yourself with people of integrity, your life will be one that positions you for God’s blessings.

Many Christians have the misconception that they are supposed to be poor but nothing could be further from the truth.  God wants to bless you with more than enough.  Remember when Jesus fed the 5,000 and they had 12 basketfuls of left-overs?  If God wanted you to live with just enough, He would not have provided so much when Jesus prayed and asked His Father to bless the little He had.  Jabez prayed for God to bless him and to enlarge his territory and God did just that.  God wants to increase you – not decrease you or withhold from you those things you desire in your heart.  Pray as Jabez did, sincerely and honestly and watch God open the windows of Heaven and pour out a blessing to you that you cannot contain.

Let your life and the condition of your heart attract God’s attention and He will do more than you could ask or think.  You will walk in the favor of God and enjoy the presence of God all the days of your life.