Don’t Forget To Thank ‘Him’

Have you ever done something that you thought was special for someone only to have it ruined when you realized that they never thanked you for it?  There is a story in the Bible about ten lepers who were healed by Jesus but only one came back to thank him.  Even Jesus expected a thank you from them because he asked the one who did return ‘where are the nine’?  The other nine took their healing for granted.  I’m sure that they enjoyed the benefits of being able to return home to their family and friends, but they did not take the time to show their appreciation.

Don’t be guilty of not letting people know how grateful you are for the things that they do for you.  Your show of gratitude will not only bless the person who did something for you, but it will also bless you because God will see your appreciation and will allow more blessings to come into your life because of your attitude.  Saying ‘thank you’ is a sign of what’s in your heart and will keep you humble.  Some people have a problem saying ‘thank you.’  Pride is a major hinderance to being grateful.  If you think that you don’t owe anyone anything because you got what you got all by yourself, you are so wrong.  No one makes it through this life on their own.  If you think you have, you are forgetting about the one who prayed for you and the one who might have had to sacrifice a need of their own so you could have what you needed.

Honor God with your thankfulness.  As you are blessed, bless others.  Pass it on.  Serve people, love people and always forgive people and most of all, always thank the One who created you, who is always with you and the One who is sustaining you each and every day.  As the Psalmist said ‘let everything that has breathe praise the Lord.’