Make The Most Of A Bad Situation

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation not of our choosing, and further more, it is out of our control.  In times like these, we can either go around murmurring and complaining about how bad our situation is, or we can put our faith to work and make the most of a bad situation.  The choice we make will determine whether or not we are successful.

Your present situation does not mean that you should give up on your dream.  What God allows in your life has a purpose.  Consider challenges as a test and if you pass the test you have become successful in the eyes of God.  Know that if you have a dream or goal and you are doing all you can to reach that goal, expect opposition.  Satan’s job is to aggravate the children of God so be prepared.  Know that your integrity will be on the line and what is inside of you, your attitude to be precise, will direct how you respond to adversity.

The best weapon you have when you are fighting for your life is prayer.  God honors prayer and if prayer is a lifestyle for you, God will hear you when you call and He will work everything out together for your good.  Many people will use prayer as their last resort and only when they have exhausted every other means they had at their disposal, but if you know God as your ‘friend’ and you invite Him into every area of your life, prayer will be the first thing you do.  God is limitless and that is why it is better to put your faith in God rather than in man.

The safest place to be when your world is turned upside down is to be in the will of God.  God will lead you.  God will promote you.  God will give you the desires of your heart if you just wait on Him.  What gas is to a car is what faith is to your destiny – faith moves you forward and will cause you to fight a good fight of faith.  You may not be aware of it but someone is watching how you handle tough situations and if you let your light shine every day no matter what comes your way, your testimony will help someone else find God in their trouble.

Stay true to your commitment to God and lean on Him even when you do not understand.  Walk by faith and not by sight and watch how your heavenly Father will bring order to chaos, peace to any storm and deliverance in your time of need.  You will succeed and success is the best revenge.  God has plans for you and His plans are to prosper you and bring you to His expected end.  Trust and always obey Him.