God Wants You To Be Happy

If you were to think about the state of our economy and the condition of the rest of the world, you would be hard pressed to find anything to be happy about, but Christians do have a reason to be happy because they have Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  The world of a Christian who has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is far different than the world of an unbeliever.  Jesus gave his life so that the children of God can have a new life – one filled with joy, peace and where all things are possible.  Christians are no longer subject to sin but have the power to sin less and to walk in the spirit of God that gives them life and liberty that can not be understood by the outside world.

A relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ moves you out of religion and into a state of mind that is limitless and supernatural.  Challenges are looked upon as an opportunity for a Christian to get closer to their heavenly Father and allow God to work everything out for his/her good.  The key is that Christians focus upon God; they think only about those things that are pure, lovely, just and righteous and this is what brings them happiness.  Christians have found out that the material things of this world don’t bring the happiness that is found in Jesus.  They have also found out that God created them for a purpose and they are happy only by doing God’s will.  Christians know what God wants them to do and where God wants them to be because it is in that place that they feel the security of being under a divine covering that provides a hedge around them that nothing else in this world can offer them.

Christians know that happiness comes from within and their source of happiness is knowing who God is, who His Son is and living a life where they are loved unconditionally.  This type of love is put there to be given away to those in the world who do not yet know their secret and, hopefully, others will be drawn to the light that will give them freedom in Christ and this freedom will cause them to rejoice always.  Choose to seek God and His righteousness and everything else that you need will be provided for you – especially unspeakable joy.  God wants you to be happy – are you?