Are You A Mature Christian?

Maturity is not defined by age, education or wealth but rather it is an attitude that defines who you are and what you do.  You can be 50 years old with an abundance of weath and college degrees but lack the maturity to handle life’s challenges properly.  An immature person buckles down under pressure and lacks the wisdom to find the appropriate solution for the trials they face.  An immature person is always asking ‘what is in this for me?’  They lack sensitivity to other people and do not consider that someone else just might be in need of their help.  An immature person does not have  control over what comes out of their mouth.  They gossip and are judgmental and are kown as troublemakers and lack the desire to be a peacemaker.  An immature person refuses to entertain the thought that God just might be able to help them.

A mature person holds up under pressure and is loving and kind hearted and does not speak unkindly of others.  A mature person will always take the high road and look for ways to be a peacemaker and not destroy relationships to justify themselves.  A mature person will also be patient and prayerful because they know that God is in control and He is always there to help in a time of need.  This kind of person knows that he or she is still a work in progress and knows that God has a lot for them yet to learn and they are willing to walk with God and enjoy their relationship with Him.

Do a self examination and ask yourself if you are still immature or are you making progress in the maturity side of life.  Spiritual maturity is learned and it is not given to you just because you might have been on this earth for 50 years or more.  Your attitude while you are undergoing the rough times will define how well you are growing spiritually.  Seek to be all that God wants you to be. Stay in God’s Word and love others as you do yourself.