Sometimes You Must Lose to Win

Everybody wants to win; nobody wants to lose but on our spiritual journey there are going to be times when the only way to win is to lose.  Jesus told us that ‘whoever finds his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.’  Letting go so that God sits on the throne of your heart is the best thing anyone can do.  We all have people in our lives and things in our lives that we love most dearly but if they should ever become more important to us that our heavenly Father, we have lost.  Losing everything and being hopelessly hopeless is the only true way to love God.  Being hopelessly hopeless forces you to be totally dependent upon God and that is the position that God wants all of His children to be in.  This position is what causes God to bless and protect those who are called by His name.

The Bible says that for everything there is a season; there is a time to seek and a time to lose and if that principle governs your life, you will always be a winner because that still small voice inside of you will let you know when you have gotten things out of order.  Obeying the word of God will require you to lose a little so that you will gain much because your eyes have not yet seen all that God has in store for you.  Holding on to people or stuff too closely will only hinder God’s will being done in your life, and if you truly love the Lord, you will always be willing to give back to God what He has placed you a steward over.  Abraham loved God to the degree that he was willing to give up his child, Isaac, because he believed that God was able to restore him back and that is exactly what God did.  Abraham showed what was in his heart and God saw that there was nothing more important in Abraham’s life than Him.

We all can learn from Abraham how important it is to trust and obey God and more importantly to realize that we are stewards and not owners of our earthly possessions.  God not only gives us the power to get wealth, but God provides us with His mercy and grace in allowing us to watch over what He has provided.  Never allow anyone or anything to have first place in your life except your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and if you have a tugging in your soul or a little voice speaking to you, please remember that sometimes you must lose in order to win.