Position Yourself for a Blessing

The Bible tells us the story about a woman who perceived that Elisha was a prophet of God so she prepared a room in her home so that when Elisha travelled through town, he could have a place in her home for him.  No one told her to do it, nor did Elisha ask her to do it.  She did it because she wanted Elisha to have a comfortable place to rest and it was important to her that it be in her home.  It’s interesting that no one else offered to make room for Elisha.  This woman did this and it got God’s attention.  Because this woman had done something for him, Elisha asked her what could he do for her?  Elisha was told that she had no son and that her husband was an old man.  Elisha prophetically told her that in one year’s time a son would be born to her.  She could not believe it at first, but it did happen and this woman received a miracle from God that she probably had stopped hoping for.

Having a servant’s attitude is a sure way to position yourself to receive God’s blessing on your life.  Elisha represents the word of God and this story is an example that we all should make room for God and His word in our lives.  This woman received a prophet and was blessed with a prophet’s reward as promised by God.  God’s word is true and you should purpose in your heart to read God’s word every day.  In the beginning was the word and the word was God.  Reading the word of God will cause you to think at a higher level than you would normally.  God’s word will bring revelations into your life that will be a blessing to you and your family.  God’s word will bring discernment into your life and will enable you to make wise decisions.  Reading God’s word will bring the presence of God into your life and into your home and you will always know what God’s will is for you. God’s word will heal, restore and guide you into your destiny.

Position yourself to be blessed today and get God’s attention in  the same manner that the woman in this story did.  Remember, the Bible says that we will reap whatever we sow.  Sow kindness and you will reap kindness.  Help someone in need and when you need help, someone will be there to help you.  Become a God-chaser and watch the blessings of God over take you.