One Word From God

One word from God will change your life forever.  However, you must believe what God has told you and most importantly, you will have to fight for its manifestation.  Satan will always challenge the word God has given to you, but the truth of the matter is he can’t change the word.  You must fight the good fight of faith every day, and one way to do this is to not allow anger, jealousy or a critical spirit into your life.

In this life you will have trouble.  In this life you will have people disappoint you, lie about you and prove to be unfaithful especially when you need them the most.  God is the only one who can change another person and you must release people who hurt you to the Lord.  Don’t let negative feelings hinder you from receiving all that God has for you.  Jesus came to this world to give you life and life more abundantly and an abundant life can be yours if you let the Holy Spirit control everything you do.

After you receive a word from God, don’t just write it down and put it away in your dresser drawer.  Speak over that word; prophecy over that word and declare that God’s word will come to pass in your life.  God’s word, whether it is His written word, the Bible, or a rhema word given personally to you, guard it in your heart and always believe it will come in God’s timing.

One word from God changes everything.  You don’t need 100 words because God’s word brings life just as it did in the beginning when He created the heavens and the earth.  God’s word is powerful and He is not man that he can lie.  God is God and He is so good at it.  You must live your life walking by faith and not by sight and you will see the goodness of the Lord upon your life.