Is There Anything Too Hard For The Lord?

This question was first asked of by the Lord after telling Abraham and Sarah that they would have a son in the following year.  What made this question so meaningful was the fact that Abraham was 99 years old and his wife, Sarah was 90 years old.  Both Abraham and Sarah laughed when told this news because it was humanly impossible for this to happen.  But the Lord had to remind them that there is nothing God can’t do, and because God is a promise-keeper, one year later Isaac was born just as had been promised.

That is a vital question for every Believer to ask themselves today.  If you have yet to see a promise that God made to you maybe last year or five, ten years ago, do you still have faith that it will come to pass?  God has a way of doing things so that no one else can take the glory for it.  This is what He did with Abraham and Sarah and it is the same with us today.  How could anyone look at the baby Isaac without accepting the fact that Isaac was a miracle.  Abraham and Sarah were well beyond the child bearing years but the truth is there is nothing too hard for the Lord!

You must walk in faith and continue to believe in the promises of God because they will come to pass – they must because God is God and if He said it, it will happen.  Have no doubt about it.  It’s never too late with God.  Believers must accept the fact that God’s timing is different than their own, but in due season God will show you His faithfulness and He will show you that He will do exceedingly more than what you have asked for or even thought of.