Don’t Be Surprised

The 12th chapter of Acts tells the story of Peter being surrounded by guards in a prison and an angel of the Lord came to him, woke him up and led him out of the prison and into the street.  This all happened the night before King Herod was planning on putting him to death.  Peter, who was asleep at the time, thought that all this was a dream or a vision.  The people in the church had spent the night praying for him and when Peter arrives at the house where they all were, the young girl who first saw him is so excited that she does not open the door but goes back and tells the others that Peter was at the door.  Peter had to keep knocking because the people were so surprised that they could not believe what they were hearing.  The people thought that it was Peter’s ghost but in reality God had delivered Peter from death just in the knick of time.

Have you ever prayed for something and when God answered your prayer you were in a state of shock?  There is nothing too dificult for God and this story tells us that God does hear and answers prayer.  This story also tells us that God’s timing is all up to Him.  Who can explain why God does what He does when He does?  No one can!  What we do know is that God is faithful and He will answer your prayers all in His timing.  Another certainty is that no situation is ever without hope.  It might look bad to us but nothing is impossible for God.  Peter was chained between guards but his circumstances did not prevent God from delivering him.  God heard the prayers of those who loved and cared for Peter and He intervened.

God is good at surprising His children.  You never know when or how He will intervene in your situation but you can be sure that He will.  Learn from this story that God does care about you, about those you care about and the situations that cause you concern, and if we take our burdens to the Lord and leave them there, He will surprise you.  God will show you that it is never too late and that He can do all things.  After all, He created the world and everyone in it.  Pray about everything and when your answer comes, don’t be surprised!