Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to every man who has been blessed to have children who they have raised to adulthood or are still in the process of raising young boys and girls to be the best person God created them to be.

Children need to know that they are loved.  They need to know that they have someone who will always be there for them and who will take care of them.  They need someone to teach them by example how to be a godly person.  Children watch what they see their parents do and if it does not line up to what they are being taught, they will be confused and most likely will imitate negative behavior.  Fathers play a very important role in how their children mature emotionally and spiritually.  Christian fathers are to teach their children how to believe and trust in God.  Fathers are to teach their children how to love and how to forgive.  Fathers are to teach their children how not to give up when the going gets tough.  Children will see and imitate the people in their lives, so it is extremely vital that fathers live out the lifestyle that they want their children to live

Fathers, you are more important than you might realize.  Many children are growing up in this troubled world without their father or any male influence in their household, but the good news is our heavenly Father is there for every one of us.  Our heavenly Fathers loves us unconditionally and having this type of love will enable any child, either young or old to be successful in life.  God has given us His Word to guide us in the way that we should go.  No matter what your situation may be, God is there to provide you with whatever you need.  God has also promised that He would never leave nor forsake us and we can trust Him to help us through our journey.

Fathers, be an example that your children will want to follow.  Love them regardless of what they choose to do in life and love them as your heavenly Father loves you.