Shake It Off

Many people in the world today are not concerned about what other people say about them.  They do not live their lives looking for approval.  What matters most to them is that they are living a godly life and they are happy.  On the other hand, there are people who are affected by what others say and think about them.  If they are criticized, it hurts and affects their ability to move forward.  They live their lives trying to please others and will change their course of action just because someone convinces them that it is the thing to do.  The problem with this group of people is one day they will come to the conclusion that you cannot please everyone and there will always be someone judging you no matter what you do.  My advice is to ‘shake it off.’

There is a story in the Bible about the Apostle Paul who, after being ship wrecked on his way to Rome, found himself on the island of Malta.  As he put more wood on the fire, a snake jumped onto his hand and clung to him.  Without giving it another thought, Paul just shook the snake off into the fire.  What was meant to kill him ended up being killed. Everyone around him began to watch him closely because they expected him to die.  They began to talk about him, decided that he must be a murderer and this snake was his punishment.  Little did they know that Paul had received a promise from God that he would preach the gospel in Rome.  Paul clung to that promise and shook off the snake, and that is what every child of God should do.  When Satan attacks you, whether it is a snake of criticism, financial hardship, marital problems, rebellion in your children, rejection of sickness,shake off it off and cling to the promises of God.  God created you and everything He made, He called it good, so do not let anyone tell you that you are not going to make it.  No matter what your circumstances look like today, tomorrow is a new day and it could all change in a moment.

God has a purpose and a plan for your life and you belong to God.  Put your trust and hope in the one who created this world.  Strive to please Him and not your fellow man.  It is better to put your trust in God than in man.  God is faithful and He knew you before you were born and He will never leave nor forsake you.  Don’t become discouraged by what happens to you; trouble doesn’t last always.  Shake it off and believe in your heart that you will succeed.  No one – no one but your heavenly Father determines how blessed you will be.  All things will work together for your good and that is a promise you can depend on.