Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to every woman who has birthed, raised, loved, cared for and sacrificed for a child whether she gave natural birth to that child or the child was placed in her care.  Mothers should be honored every day but at least we designate one day a year to say ‘thank you’ to our Mothers.  Fathers have their day, but not as much emphasis is put on Father’s Day as we do on Mother’s Day.  More phone calls are made to Moms; more flowers are sent to Moms and more cards are given to Moms when you compare these things to Father’s Day.

Have you ever noticed that professional athletes always say ‘hi Mom’ when they are in front of a camera.  Why don’t they say ‘hi Dad?’  When you really think about it, Mothers deserve every bit of recognition they receive.  There is nothing like a Mother’s love and for those who were blessed to have had a godly Mother take the time to show your appreciation.  For those of you whose Mother is among those in that great cloud of witnesses, thank the Lord for the legacy that she left you.

It would be unrealistic to forget that not everyone had a godly Mother and grew up without knowing the unconditional love of their Mother – if she is still with you, pray for her – forgive her and do not let the pain of the past keep you from being the best Mother you can be to your children.  If your Mother has passed away, do not hold onto the past.  You cannot go back, nor can you change what did happen.  Do not let the past define who you are today because in Christ Jesus we are all new ceations and each of us must take responsibility for our own actions.

Mothers, I honor you; I salute you and I want to thank you for your love, your prayers and your commitment.  Father’s are the spiritual heads of the home but Mothers are the heart of every home.  Thank God for you and all that you do especially for all those things you do that are not seen.  May God reward you richly and give you the desires of your heart.