Never Give Up

Faith in the life of a Christian is like gasoline in a car, a car can’t move without it.  Likewise, a Christian must have faith in God if he or she is going to live successfully.  The Bible tells us that we all have been give a measure of faith but it is up to the individual to exercise that faith or not, and it is faith that will cause us to get back up when life knocks us down – giving up is not an option.  Satan doesn’t like Believers and he is doing everything he can to discourage and ultimately stop us from believing God, but God has promised never to leave nor forsake us so He is and will always be in the fire with you.

It was faith that caused Paul and SIlas to have a mid-night prayer meeting.  They did not let prison nor chains stop them from praising their Lord and Savior.  They were in the worst circumstances but their circumstances did not change or remove their faith in God, and it was because of their praise that the prison doors were open and they and all the other prisoner’s chains fell off.  No doubt if their faith had waivered, they would have remained chained.  Circumstances are temporary and they change from day to day so don’t allow a temporary state cause you to stop believing.  God knows what you need and He has promised to supply those needs but first, you must keep your faith alive and active.

Today is a new day and if you are overwhelmed by life, don’t say that it is over and don’t waste your time thinking about how it use to be.  Forget the past and do not fear.  God has promised to be with you today and He wants to do a new thing in your life, so don’t give up.  You must possess the kind of faith that endures everything.  Focus on the future.  Believe that your best days are yet to come because faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen, and it is the things that you cannot see that you need to believe in.  God can do everything and there is nothing impossible for God.

Begin every day confessing the Word and believing that there is hope for tomorrow and remember that you are not to grow weary in doing good because you will reap if you do not give up.  Giving up should never be an option.