God Has Not Forgotten You

Have you received a promise from God that has not yet been fulfilled and you are wondering whether or not God has forgotten His promise?  I’m here to tell you that God does not forget.  God remembers everything, and He will do what He said He will do in His time and in His way.

You must learn to wait upon the Lord, and you do that by being obedient, by having faith and by being patient.  You must do what God has told you to do and until He speaks to you again, you must hold steady and do nothing else.  Waiting on the Lord will require that you trust God and believe in His faithfulness.  Whatever God has told you, it will come to pass.  He is not like man and has no need to lie.  Once God makes a promise, the ball is in your court and you must believe in Him and His word.

One of the hardest things we will ever have to do is to be patient.  Patience is not easy.  We live in a society where we want and expect everything instantly.  We are not patient while we drive.  We are not patient when we are standing in the check out line, and it’s sad that we are not even patient with our own family and friends.  God will make you wait but there is a purpose in the waiting.  If you are in a hurry, the longer it will take before you see what God has promised you.  God will make sure that you learn that He is in control and not you.  When we become anxious, we are telling God that He is taking too long and that will certainly not please Him.

God has not forgotten you.  There are many examples in the Bible where we see the faithfulness of Almighty God.  He remembered Abraham and Sarah and gave them Isaac.  God remembered Joseph after many years and promoted him in the land of Egypt.  God remembered Job and gave him twice as much as he had after losing it all.  God remembered that He had promised David the role of King but David had to wait until God thought he was ready.  God never forgets, nor does He sleep, and you can be confident that what He has promised you, He is faithful and just and will keep His promise as He has done to the saints before you.

God has everything under His control, so while you are waiting begin to offer your thanks to the One who has promised never to leave or forsake you.