The Joy of the Lord

It’s natural for anyone to be a little dismayed when they are going through difficult times, but the Apostle Paul told us over and over again that we are to rejoice always.  Philippians is a wonderful book of the Bible to read when you find yourself with your back against the wall and nothing is going the way it should be in your life.  Paul suffered numerous mishaps on his journey to Philippi.  Not only was he ship wrecked, but he was beaten harshly numerous times and thrown into prison.  While in prison, he was able to encourage the saints and tell them that the joy of the Lord was their strength.

You can possess this joy of the Lord at all times because this is joy that the world can’t give you nor can the world ever take it away from you.  This joy comes as a result of a relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It is spiritual and is not dependent upon where you are or what is going on in your life.  It is deep within and you carry it with you wherever you go.  This joy will cause you to have such peace that no one can tell when you are troubled.  It truly is amazing and is worth becoming a part of your life.

As you grow older and become physically weaker, at the same time, you should become spiritually stronger and have the ability to teach others about the joy of the Lord.  Each of us must experience this joy for ourselves, and it will not come from just hearing about it.  As you travel along your journey of life, purpose in your heart that God will become the most important person to you and you should spend a lot of time in His presence and reading His Word.  The joy of the Lord is, and will always be, the source of your strength now and for all eternity.