What Love Looks Like

If you were asked the question “what is love” you would probably have a ready made answer right at your finger tips, but how does your definition of love or better yet, how does the way you love, measure up to God’s type of love?  Agape love is the highest level of love we can possess.  Agape love is sacrificial; it is not boastful, nor is it selfish and it is unconditional.  Agape love bears all things, is patient and kind, and most of all it never fails.

If we were to compare the soulish love that we normally extend to each other, we would find that it falls short of the way God wants us to love each other.  God expects His children to love as He loves us – sacrificially and unconditionally.  The Bible tells us that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son to us so that we might have eternal life.  Selfish love is given to the degree that we receive.  As long as we are getting something out of a relationship, we give our love, but the moment we stop receiving anything we withdraw our love.  One way the world is to know who Christians are is by the way they love each other, so God’s standard is much higher than the world’s measuring stick.  Christians are to always love and expect nothing in return.  Christians are not to ask ‘what is in this for me?’  Christians are to freely give because freely they have received from their heavenly Father.

What does love look like?  It is the love God has for His children.  Agape love is healing – it heals those who give it and those who receive it.  If you would like to experience God’s type of love, open your heart to Jesus Christ today and receive Him as your Lord and Savior.  You then will experience the greatest love of all.