Where Does Your Help Come From?

The Psalmist said it so beautifully “I will lift up my eyes unto the hills from where comes my help, my help comes from the Lord.”  It is comforting to know that our Helper never slumbers or sleeps, and He has promised never to leave or forsake us.  It is our Helper who gives us strength from day to day.  Another promise of our Helper was “I the Lord your God, will hold your right hand and say to thee ‘fear not for I will help you.”

Often, people make God the last person they go to when they need help, but God should be the first person you go to in time of need.  God knows the beginning from the end; He even knows more about your problem than you do, so what better person to go to?  There is nothing impossible with God, and that should motivate you to lift up your eyes to the one who is waiting to help you at all times.

Individuals even make the mistake of worshipping the creature more than the Creator.  It is God who has blessed you with everything you have and He is due all the honor and praise.  God has told us to have no other gods before Him and you need to be certain that you have your priorities in the correct order.  Instead of putting your hope, and sometimes impossible demands on a family member or a friend, trust your heavenly Father to perfect those things that concern you.  Make sure that you know for a certain where your help comes from and then you will have no reason to fear.