The Potter and the Clay

The next time you are discouraged because you made a mistake or you said something that you wish you had never said read the story of Jeremiah.  Jeremiah was a tender hearted prophet who loved God but became discouraged when the children of Israel would not heed his call to repentance and turn back to God.  Jeremiah assumed that they could not be helped; he believed that they were a lost cause. God wanted to set the record straight with him.  He told Jeremiah to go down to the potter’s house and there he would hear from the Lord.  When he got there, he saw that when the potter did not get the results he expected with his clay, instead of throwing away the spoiled clay, all he did was put the clay back on the potter’s wheel and he began to reshape and mold it into another form – a form that he could use.

Jeremiah learned first hand that God does not discard people when they disobey Him.  He puts them back on the potter’s wheel to mold and shape them into something that would be fit for the master’s use.  The potter is in charge and knows exactly what he wants the end result to be.  The clay can’t say I don’t want to be shaped like that.  The clay must yield and that is what God expects of His children – obedience.  All of our life experiences are designed to make us more like our Lord and Savior, and if God sees something within us that needs to come out, He will deal with us until we look like what He expected.  We are all under the hand of the Lord, and if we will be obedient and do what God tells us to do, we will be fit for the kingdom of God.  However, we do have a choice.  We can choose to remain as we are but then we become useless and we will miss out on all that God has planned.  The Bible tells us that our eyes have not yet seen the destiny God has for those who love and trust in Him.

Today is a good day to get back on the potter’s wheel and let God have His way with you.  It doesn’t matter what you did yesterday.  What matters is that you have an open heart and a teachable spirit.  Seek God.  He is waiting for you.  After all, who knows you better than the One who created you?

Are You Struggling?

Have you ever watched a caterpillar go through metamorphism?  The caterpillar has to go through quite a struggle to get out of that cocoon.  As a result of this struggle, the excess fluid in its body is shed and its wings get strong enough to enable the new butterfly to fly.  Without the metamorphism, the caterpillar can never become what it is destined to be nor do what it was created to do.

So it is with Christians.  The struggles in life are what make you into the person  God has created you to be.  The Lord told us that in this world we would have struggles, but we are not to become discouraged because Jesus Christ has overcome the world.  Yet, many find it difficult to endure their hardships but the only way out is to go through them.   There are no shortcuts.  The life lessons you learn are not only for you, but they are yours to share with others so that you can help them along their way.  We all need to be comforted from time to time, and your experiences could go a long way to pull someone else up who is having a difficult time in getting up on their own.

God wants you to rise above (fly) everything that you will face.  He does not want you to give in or give up.  It will not be easy, but if you do not grow weary in well doing, you will receive the reward that you worked so hard to attain.

We’ve Come This Far By Faith

The Bible tells us that Christians are to walk by faith and not by sight.  As I look back over the years, I have come to one conclusion, and that is I’ve come this far by faith.  Many times I’ve had to lean on the Lord and trust in His holy word and I know for certain that I would not be here today if it had not been for the Lord.

It’s so easy to look at things we see and think that those things are real; but if you live by  faith, you will acknowledge the Lord in all of your ways and He will direct your path.  Almighty God can take something that appears negative and turn it into something positive.  God’s word is true and if you base your life on what God says, your life will be much different than someone who doesn’t believe.

If you look at the current events in our world today, you have cause to become fearful, anxious and stressful.  It looks like we are on a downward spiral with no hope in sight; but believers will always have hope.  God has a specific plan for your life and His plans for you are to give you a good future, to prosper you and to keep you from evil.  Believers have a friend that will stick closer to them than a brother.  The Lord Jesus Christ has promised never to leave you or forsake you and how wonderful it is to know that even when you leave this world, your eternal life is just beginning.

Take a moment to think back over all the things that you have had to go through in your life and you will come to realize that the only reason you are here is that God’s purpose for your life has not yet been completed.  Faith brought you to this point and your faith will lead you on.  God has never failed you and He never will as long as you believe.


A New Year of Faith

Hoorah! 2012 is behind us and now it is time to forget those things in 2012 that had a negative impact on us and believe with all of our heart that 2013 will be the best year that we have ever had.  God makes all things new, and if you are alive today you have a lot to be thankful for.  Why?  Because you overcame everything that you were faced with in 2012 and you are still here.  Not everyone can say that; not everyone that saw the beginning of 2012 is here today but you are.

Jeremiah 29:11 tells us that God has plans for each of us; He wants to keep us from evil and He wants to give us hope and a future.  That is a precious promise and you should hold onto that every day of 2013.  If you have dreams that were not fulfilled or if you have unanswered prayers from 2012, continue to have faith in God.  Without faith it is impossible to please God, and a lot of people don’t truly understand how important faith is.  Your level of faith is what determines your peace.  In this world we will have trouble, but remember that the Lord Jesus Christ has overcome the world.  So, if God be for you, who can be against you?  You must have faith and confidence that God is with you always and that He is working out everything in your life for your good.  Even if you are unable to see the good right now, continue to trust God, for with God all things are possible to you.

Faith without works is dead, so do your part in obeying what God’s Word tells you to do.  Don’t be afraid to stretch your faith.  Believe that you can walk on water at God’s bidding. Next, be sure to wait upon the Lord to move in His time and He will then give you the strength that you need to have victory.  It is the Lord that goes before you and there is nothing new under the sun – it might be new to you but there is nothing new with the Lord God Almighty.  Fear not and don’t let anything stop you from believing in yourself and believing in Jesus Christ.  Go as far as your dreams take you and walk by faith and not by sight.  2013 is a new year for a new level of faith.  Enjoy it!