God’s Plan

The most important thing you will ever do after accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior is to know what the will of God is for your life and to do it.  It is human nature to plan our lives according to what we desire, but ever believer should never make such plan without first knowing what God’s plan is.

One thing you can be sure of is that God’s plan for you will be different than what you might think.  God’s plan will not always seem logical, comfortable or easy -just ask Abraham, Moses, Gideon, David, Joseph and many other godly men of the Bible who have gone on before us.  God’s thoughts are much higher than our thoughts, but it is the responsibility of the believer to not only know the will of God, but obeying the will of God is just as important.  How do we know what the will of God is?  God will order your steps through His Word, through His Spirit, through other believers speaking into your life and through circumstances that will push you forward into a new direction.  If we are selfish and do not lay down our own plans, we will never be able to see God’s plan, for we must surrender and submit to God’s plan if we are to live victoriously.  The result of submitting to God’s plan for your life will result in your achieving fulfillment, peace and victory in an amazing way.

God honors faith because faith honors God, and it will take faith, active faith, to trust God and let Him take control over every aspect of your life.  If you find that you are at a stand still and you feel like there is something missing from your life, seek God with your whole heart and ask God to reveal His plan and purpose for you.  Then submit and obey and when it is all said and done, you would have accomplished what many others don’t know how to do – you will be living a life that brings glory and honor to God.