“Not My Will”

Most of us want to do things the way we want to and when we went to, but the Bible teaches us that the mark of a true Christian is to do all things according to the will of God regardless if we agree with God or not.  Our Savior, Jesus Christ showed us that we have the power to submit to God’s will even at the most difficult times.  Jesus understood his purpose; he knew that his mission on earth would end at Calvary.  When the time came for him to make the ultimate sacrifice, and after asking his heavenly Father if this cup could pass from him, he submitted by saying ‘nevertheless, not my will but your will be done.’

If Jesus submitted even unto death, how can we, as children of God, refuse to obey God?  We must deny ourselves and take up our cross daily and follow Jesus.  That is what God desires from each of us – total obedience to His will.  It will not always be an easy thing to do, especially when God’s will conflicts with your own, but if you are to enjoy the blessings of God, you must submit to the will of God.

The ‘not my will’ mantle that Jesus left for believers is not to be taken lightly.  It is important to God, so it should be important to you and I.  If you have a heart for God, you will make this a priority in your life, and when you are faced with making a choice whether to pursue your own desires or to obey God, your response should echo that of Jesus Christ ‘nevertheless, not my will but your will be done.’