Fight the Good Fight

Parents go to great lengths to teach their children how not to fight.  It is a sign of maturity when you are able to walk away without fighting.  This rule has its merit in our society today, but as Christians we learn that in this life you will have to fight but the key is to fight the good fight of faith.

Adversity will come – it is a certainty, but the Bible tells you that you will be able to overcome any adversity if you stand firm in your faith.  The evil ones wants the child of God to lose his/her faith in God so he sends fiery darts into your life to make you doubt God and His Word.  God’s Word tells us to submit to God and to put on the whole armor of God in these evil days.  You will not be able to fight if you lose your faith.  Faith is the key and if you stop believing, Satan has got you right where he wants you.  That is why it is important that Believers spend time meditating on God’s Word.  When Satan tries to deceive you, you must speak God’s word; resit the devil and he will flee from you.  If you try to fight in your own strength, you will not win because we are not fighting flesh and blood.  You must fight using the weapons of warfare that your heavenly Father has given to you and when you have done all, stand firm because faith will cause you to be an overcomer every time.

Everything God has promised, He is faithful to fulfill that promise to you.  You are not in this fight alone because God has promised never to leave you.  He is with you 24/7 and whatever you are involved in, believe that He is also involved.  Keep the confession of your mouth positive and believe what God says because you walk by faith and not by sight.  Let no one steal from you.  God’s Word will encourage you and remember, the fight is fixed – because of Calvary you have already won.  Fight the good fight of faith until you hear ‘well done thy good and faithful servant.’