Trust God

Jesus has told us that in this world we world have trouble.  He also told us not to fear because he had overcome the world.  If you believe the Lord, and if you trust God, you too will live as an overcomer.  The secret is in trusting God at all times and in all things.  People change; circumstances change and yes, even you will change as you grow in the Lord, but there is one thing that will never change and that is Almighty God.  God is the same yesterday, today and forever and you can count on Him to do exactly what He has said He will do.  The Bible contains over 1000 promises, and just as that great cloud of witnesses experienced the truth of God’s word, so shall you as a child of God.

In this life you will find that not every one can be trusted and if you have been hurt in the past because you put your trust in someone who turned out to be untrustworthy, you might be reluctant to trust anyone.  But being unable to trust is a form of bondage.  The enemy of your soul would love for you to live your life alone, relying totally on yourself.  You need a new beginning and trusting your heavenly Father is the best way to learn to trust again.  You have a friend who will never leave you, and above all, you have a friend who has loved you all of your life whether you were aware of it or not.  The Lord Jesus Christ is a present help in the  time of trouble and he wants to be a part of your earthly journey and he will be with you in your time of trouble even if he has to carry you during the dark times in your life.

Trust God.  Open your heart and let Him show you what so many other Christians already know – that He is faithful and true.