Living Without Fear

Fear is a state of mind that is common to both young and old, rich or poor and all nationalities. Children fear being alone; young people fear rejection and adults fear death but God has told us 365 times in the Bible not to fear. God knew that we would be tempted to fear, so He made it a point to remind us that fear does not come from Him. Fear comes from the enemy of our soul, but because of who we are, the children of God have divine assurance that they are never alone. God is always with us. Psalm 34:4 tells us that when you seek the Lord, He will hear you and He will deliver you from all of your fears. Psalm 91 tells us to dwell in the secret place of the Most High and we will have no fear.

The condition of our world continues to deteriorate, so it is important that we have a relationship with our heavenly Father. God is our shield and our protector, therefore, by His mercy and His grace we can live out our lives in total peace being fully pursuaded that if God be for us, who can be against us?

Remember, it is the Lord who goes before you and He will help you in your time of need. Take God at His word and no matter what, trust Him. You have nothing to fear.

Confidence, Hope, and Trust

Confidence is praying for rain and then walking around with an umbrella.

Hope is planning for tomorrow because in reality tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

Trust is watching a child jump into his father’s arms knowing that he will be caught.

Every Christian should live in confidence knowing that God hears you when you pray.  Jesus Christ is your hope because of his sacrifice on Calvary, you have an eternal future with God.  You can put every one and every thing you love into God’s hands and trust Him to know what is best for you and for them.  God is God and has been God for a very long time.  He loves you more than you can realize, and He wants to give you life and life more abundantly. God has a destiny for you and if you have a personal relationship with Him, He will help you to stay on the path that leads to His plans for you.

The condition of our world today can cause you to live in fear or you can live in the freedom that the Lord wants you to have.  The Word of God tells us about the awful conditions this world will experience as we move closer to the end times, and you can see that what God said is coming to pass.  God is your anchor and you will have peace if you put your confidence, your hope and your trust in Him.  God has promised that ‘those who endure to the end will be saved.’  Draw closer to God and He will draw closer to you.  Nothing in the world is certain; actually it will all one day pass away, but there is one thing for sure and that is God is with you.  He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Speak to your Mountain

Many Christians find relief in turning over their problems to God.  That is what they are told to do over and over again, so they focus on just letting go and not taking their problems back once they have given them to God.  There is some merit in that, but do you realize that the Bible tells us that we are to speak to our mountains?  Not only are we to speak to our mountains, but we must also believe that our mountains will move out of our way.  God has given us the power and the authority to create just as He did in the beginning when He created heaven and earth.  A child of God can create an atmosphere where any problem, any sickness or anything that is standing in their way of going forward is free of all hinderances.

Christians will never be able to move mountains on their own strength.  Your relationship with your heavenly Father is the source of the power that you need to activate your faith to this degree.  You must pray; your must spend time alone with God talking to Him and reading His Word.  Without Him, you can do nothing.  God also promised that His word will not return to Him void but it will accomplish what it was sent out to do, so it is vital that you pray the Word.  Remind God of His promises.  Try Him and you will see that He is good.

Using the name of Jesus, make it a point to speak to the mountains in your life.  Trust in God and  not in yourself.  God has given you His ‘Power of Attorney’ so use it.  Believe that it can be done and it will be done in the name of Jesus! Hallelujah!