Faith is a Choice

The Bible tells us that all things are possible for those who believe.  The key to success is to first believe – believe that you can succeed.  Choosing faith over doubt will determine your outcome.  God has given to every one of us a measure of faith but what are you putting your faith in?  What do you believe?  Who do you trust?  You can’t go forward sitting on the fence.  Deep within you must choose what you are going to believe and that belief system will direct your path and lead you to your destiny.  We all will come to a fork in the road and the path we take will be determined by the choices we make.  Faith will always bring results and that is why God gave us this gift but many of us do not activate that gift and our measure of faith remains small while others activate their measure of faith and they get amazing results.

Faith is believing what you cannot see.  It doesn’t matter if others around you see what you see because their eyes may not be open in this level of faith yet.  Faith moves mountains but this level of faith is born out of the spirit of God.  Christians should become so dependent upon God, trusting him and believing in him to the point that they become like a small child who is totally dependent upon their parents for everything. As a child of God, your heavenly Father wants you to know that he has been and will always be with you as your travel on your journey through life but you must choose to include him.  He will not become an unwelcomed guest in your life, and your life matters to God.  A relationship with God will change everything but most importantly, you will experience a change in heart.  You will embrace life and live with a positive attitude because there will be no more doubt about who you are, what your purpose in life is or where you are going.  Choose faith – you will be so glad that you did.